Satellite Open Data Terms and Conditions
Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA)

1. Satellite data under the MYSA Open Data Initiative are satellite raster data received at the MYSA Satellite Data Receiver Station in Temerloh, Pahang or from other external sources. Satellite data distributed under this initiative are unrestricted remote sensing satellite data that has a spatial resolution of more than 5 meters.

Types of Data
2. Data that is available for download are restricted to optical satellite data as shown above:

No. Satellite Data Country Source
iii. Landsat TM USA MYSA & NASA
iv. SPOT 1-5 France MYSA

Data Format
3. Data supplied is in raw format and is subjected to data availability in the existing MYSA archive.

4. All rights to the satellite data belong to the related satellite owners such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA (MODIS), USGS (LANDSAT TM) and Airbus Defence and Space (SPOT 1-5).
5. The use of the satellite data is restricted to non-commercial purposes only and is subjected to the terms as set by the satellite owner in the End User License Agreement.
6. The use of the satellite data for any publication MUST express appreciation to the satellite owners and data sources from MYSA.

Data Availability
7. Availability of data to users will be carried out in stages and subjected to existing infrastructure capabilities.
8. For further inquiries and feedback regarding the open data services, please contact the following customer service officer:

a. Pn. Zainul Izzah bt Ahmad
  (03-26966875; izzah[at]mysa[dot]gov[dot]my)
b. Pn. Suziyanna bt Arshad
  (03-26966876; suziyanna[at]mysa[dot]gov[dot]my)

Exemption of Liability
The Government of Malaysia shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any damages, loss, impairment (financial and others), harm, shame or liability arising from the use of data obtained from this service or the information contained in this website.

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